About me

I am an avid reader ( non-fiction ), writer ( business, technology ), a foodie and a cyclist. I am passionate about networking with new people, public speaking and traveling.

My heros are Gary Vaynerchuk ( Vayner Media ), Richard Branson ( of Virgin Group ), Larry Ellison ( of Oracle ) , Amancio Ortega ( of Zara ) and I follow them religiously.

These days, I am working towards building BeingSkilled one of the largest Skill Development / Ed:tech enterprises. It is aimed at skilling a million human beings in by end of 2016. With audience from over 100 countries, 250 Videos have been published, we got 680 Subscribers and delivered over  100,000 micro e-lectures to them.

I digitally brand companies, turn their Web Infrastructure into Lead Generation Toolkit by increasing inbound leads many folds & helping them fetch new Business Deals. Along with my team, I formulate different marketing strategies as required for campaigning for the clients. 
In the last 5 years, My Team and I have built communities of different sizes targeting different set of audience like University Students, People who wanted to learn Linux, English. I created and curated content for them, which resulted in ever growing communities.
My forte lies in Community Building around Product & Services which includes strong understanding of Products, Market Segmentation, Identifying Channels to attract the target audience, Content Curation, Content Creation for different Digital Marketing Channels like E-mails, Social Media Platforms, SEO, SEM.  
I have attended different conferences ( NASSCOM, TIE, Franchise India, TedX, Manthan Awards ) all over India to network with CXOs of Indian Corporations to learn best practices from them in the fields of Business, Technology and Marketing.
I have served as Volunteer in Common Wealth Games 2010. I am ex-Yatri of Jagriti Yatra ( India’s largest social-entrepreneurial journey across India which is sponsored by Google, Rolls Royce, Coco-Cola, Idea ). I recently received fully sponsored fellowship ( from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ) for joining Adianta - School of Innovation. 
Link to YouTube Channel : www.youtube.com/beingskilled