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Things To Do

  • Grow Skills for the next major role you will have and you may want.

  • Build things 1000x better than your nearest competitor ( while listening to Elon Musk's interview ). Don't be linear.

Branding means Singularity

Often we look at Brand and we are filled with positive emotions. Brands like ZARA, MARS, TATA, Apple, Google, Virgin are some of the World's most admired companies. Most of them are decades old, yet love for them keeps on increasing every single day.

So, what is it that differentiates most admired companies with the moderatedly / least admired ones?

Key to answer is forgetting the concept of singularity.

Branding is synonym to Singular and if you cannot get this thing straightly, there will be recuppertions.

FMCG brands like P&G has over 150 sub-brands / product lines, each (assumption) of them having their own Marketing and PR Department. A single sane customer cannot remember all of the names resulting in dilution of Brand.

Had the product lines be under single Brand, remembering them would have been easy. TATA ( a conglomerate ) for example has every single company under the TATA Brand, for example: TATA STEEL, TATA MOTORS, TATA SALT, TATA CHEMICALS, etc. Since the TATA is very trusted brand, all of its Product Lines instantly becomes trustable.

It takes minimal sense to relate the trust with entire brand once you have trust built with any of the Brand's product line. Rest of the products are marketed by that one Product which is happily used by the Customer.

Likewise, All products of Apple carry Apple Brand Logo. There is no Mango or anyother logo on the devices. Product Recognition by Customer becomes stronger which is a sign of efficient Branding.




The Magic is in Cash and the Cash Flow

Cash is Liquid. With infinite options to choose from, you become opportunistic with Cash. Cash gives you the leverage, you decide the terms and play power-negotiations game.

Cash is equally important for institutions.

Without the Cash, all leverage is lost. You run out of options.
there can be times when you will have spent all your money over petty things like parties, luxury travel, etc. Then the struggle period arrives and you cautiously spend your cash.

There are multiple ways to be Cash Rich, following are a few:

1. Saving Money

Can you survive 5 days with 150 bucks. Well, that’s totally an art. Saving Cash is important. It is easiest to liquidate ( it is already liquid after all ). Cash gives you power, to seek out opportunities and make most of them.

Try putting artificial constraints on yourself and see if you could become disciplined towards spending money. Categorize your Spends, Monitor them and Optimize them. Map the Cash Flow.

Every penny saved is Penny Earned. Stick to that rule and you will end up with a lot of them.

2. Defer the Payments using Credit Card

Credit Card is not evil, Your indiscipline is. If you become disciplined with finances then you can play with Credit Card and can enjoy Interest Free additional Credit for maximum 45 days.

Following are the best practices:
Never exceed 50% of your monthly income using Credit Card in any particular Month. This is critical as otherwise you will be struggling to pay the bills which could lead to disasters.

Pay well before time. Credit Card Companies thrives when users become defaulters. Don't be one of them, don't pay the fines and interest rates which are quite obnoxious. Always pay well before the due date.

3. Invest in Equity Instruments with Dividend Option

Dividend is a brilliant discovery / invention in the field of investments. Companies declare dividends which essentially means sharing a portion of profit with the stakeholders. This is the way to shed / share some of the cash with stakeholders. This means Investors will be getting some cash in different time intervals which could be put to better use.

Can you think of more ways to become Cash Rich ? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.


YouTube Channel covering my Journey across India

I have traveled over 70,000 miles in India ( same places at different times, over and over ) and everything about India fascinates me. Being my motherland as well as homeland, every mile of its land is priceless, beautiful, fascinating ( and all good words ) for me.

Now my love has evolved even more, thanks to my random travel plans, meeting hundreds of amazing people. I have started documenting my journeys in form of Videos. So if you are curious to know where all I traveled, how exactly I traveled, what all did I see, check my YouTube channel at "My Indian Odyssey"

If you are traveling in India, follow me on Twitter and post your videos / tweets / pictures using the hashtag #myindianodyssey.

See you there and have a happy journey !

Thoughts on Digital Marketing

  • Since we require high growth in In-bound Leads, we need to structurize the data of our website accordingly.

Top Career Mistakes you should avoid at any cost

We are humans, We all commit mistakes. The more we commit, more experienced we become. Learning the mistakes of others prevents the miseries and pain which else you would have gone through.

Following were my career mistakes and for the benefit of masses, I sharing them here.

1. Avoid a Job which requires more than 2 hours of daily commute

In this competitive world, millions of employees travel commute tens and even hundreds of miles daily to reach their office and home which can take couple of hours. Avoid that in any cost. The more you travel, the more time you will lose. that time can be spent with your loved ones, working out and other essentials. Also, when you are traveling using public transport, listen to audio books, carry a kindle / paperback and read books. build your skills and do something productive out of it.

Time is the most valuable asset you have, use it fully.

2. Don't leave the organization during appraisals.

I have done this blunder twice. Corporations gives you hike on last Salary Package, therefore it's prudent to participate in every appraisal and then left the organization ( if you really have to ). Else you will be back to square one and spending another 6 months or an year to prove yourself to get to the same level of appraised Salary.

Be very strategic about the Salary Package or else you will be working for peanuts which isn't very comforting in this fast paced - high inflation modern economy.

the rediscovery of love for programming

over the years ( 8 years ), i have ignored working on my programming / coding skills. but then this recent visit to bangalore ( india ) for attending a conference turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I stayed with my senior for a few days and observe his working. he has been my inspiration for so long but this time i got insights about how he works ( a millionth part of it ), etc.

i am loving my new love for coding ( HTML / CSS ) for the starters.

Best VPS ever - DigitalOcean

If you have ever bought services of VPS, you know that it could be quite painful process. Specially when the company plans to abruptly shut down their operations and delete your data ( all of it ) after sending few reminders to migrate.

I faced this issue repeatedly with SpaceRich and it was painful. Thereafter I was looking for a company which would provide me with 1) Affordable VPS Solution 2) Effortless Transanctions 3) Painless Subscription

I discovered DigitalOcean somehow and it turned out that I am using DigitalOcean for little less than 2 years now and since now the subscription has lead to amazing experience. I never had to struggle with any support as I didn't need any. I pay monthly which is very convenient. It is super affordable ( starts from $5 per month for smallest plan ).

Therefore you are looking for a VPS Solution then don't look any further and visit:

Get a DigitalOcean's Droplet today ( that's what they call their instance ).

To be read over and over

Major learnings from trading / investing in stock exchange ( stocks )

following are the learnings which brought different extreme emotions to me. I hope you ( the reader ) will get benefitted from them by following them ( at your own risk and while using own conscience ).


  • If you are having limited money and you have placed an order and are unsure of it getting crossed / completed then CANCEL the order prior to placing a new one else you may get doomed ( in a metaphorical sense ). As transaction takes place in microseconds and there is no way you can control them so save yourself by never doing it.
  • When you are selling your shares, you should know that they don’t get sold at once but are sold in chunks. You should understand how many shares are left to get sold before cancelling and putting new price for the new trade ( of selling ) in this case. Check the Trade Report instantly to know how much shares have been bought / sold at any instant.
  • maintain enough liquidity for day trading that even if you invest ( trade ) it all, you will still be able to breath in and out properly and also stay alive without having even slightest fear. treat that money as value investing. but then always day trade in companies which are having financials rock solid or at least the assets leads double the debts. (7.04.2016)

Quote by me:
if you aren't sane at the time of transaction, you get insane.