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How not sleeping 8 hours a day destroys you mentally and physically?

After a decade-long sleeplessness (sleeping less than 6 hours and sometimes even 4 hours) - I had incapacitated my mind and body so much that my memory weakened and dark circles emerged and I don't know what all internal damage that might have occurred - all of that in a hope that I could beat the system, work long hours and achieve greatness. But not sleeping well was degrading my body - my eyes were perpetually fatigued and although I knew about the harmful effects of not sleeping for 8 hours, I just ignored it all. 

Now, I am forcing myself to sleep for 7 hours at least ( going to bed without my mobile phone at 10 PM and waking up at 5 AM while only carrying an analog watch ). Waking up at 1 PM / 2 PM to work for a while stresses your mind and eyes so well that for the rest of the day you will feel the pain in both of them. 

Chances are there that you are not facing much of it right now, possibly because you are 18-27 when even I didn't feel any of them but as you age further - your body will start rusting down, not sleeping well acts as a catalyst and destroys you prematurely. 

“Insufficient sleep in youth raises multiple public health concerns, including mental health, substance abuse, and motor vehicle crashes,” said senior author Elizabeth Klerman, MD, PhD, director of the Analytic Modeling Unit, Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Source.

So much sleep is optimal? 

Adolescents require 8-10 hours of sleep at night for optimal health, according to sleep experts, yet more than 70 percent of high school students get less than that. Source.

Not sleeping for 8 hours leads to numerous problems: learning difficulties, impaired judgment, and risk of adverse health behaviors. Moreover as stated by NeuroScienceNews, people who slept six hours or less were twice as likely to self-report using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs, and driving after drinking alcohol as that of the ones who slept eight hours.

Therefore, it is must to sleep for not less than 8 hours at any given day.

Some new learnings/ observations:

1) Sleep well, do all the high-intensity work in the mornings. The ideas/ thoughts will keep on pouring. Go out and take a deep breathe and start working on your goals and dreams with all the might.

Resources to read more about sleeping well: 

1) TBA

Becoming a mentally strong person

Practicing becoming a mentally strong person.

When you have mighty goals, you got to be a mentally strong person, which basically means that you won’t give up after failures which you will encounter along the way.
You will plan ahead, carefully, will have paths set in the form of dots leading to your big goal and along the way you will keep on connecting the dots. Whenever there are failures encountered, new lessons will improve your path ahead which will improve your progress.

Thoughts and emotions are to be regulated and despite any hardships, positivity has to be kept round the clock.

Maintaining a inner dialogue while meditating on the progress works like charm. It helps you know yourself better, treat yourself better and all the positive message you can speak to yourself will have a healing effect on thyself.

A (wo)man is nothing without the people around. No one is truly self-made as there re contributions of so many. Regularly express gratitude to the people who supported you in your good and bad times. They are the ones who will help you grow further.

Everyone is vulnerable for one reason or another. The art is to get stronger in the strong areas and lesser vulnerable in other things. Your support group can fix those vulnerabilities as they may have strengths in the areas where you are weak and thus making you stronger than ever.

Knowing your strengths helps you in making crucial decisions. Mastering your strengths and getting stronger in them helps you in getting ready for all the opportunities around and you will be all ready to embrace them.

Having a belief system that you are worthy of all the goodness will ensure that you are all set to conquer whatever you want to. Having even slightest doubt leads to negative results.

Well, that’s something I have been trying to work upon and it’s more of a journey.

Are you with me in this journey?

something happened recently

So I think that I am a chilled out person who rarely gets angry. But something recently made me extremely angry and disappointed. DrupalEurope was the event I was looking forward to attending and it would have been my first ever International Conference. So totally excited, I submitted my session about how someone can be a community leader and can organise a DrupalCamp in their city/ town/ state or country. The session was based on my experience and learnings from the DrupalCamp Goa which I led along with my team early this year.

Voila, after a few weeks I received an email stating that my session got selected for DrupalEurope. It was a big deal for me as that was my first session submission and session acceptance.

But sadly I had to step back and inform the organisers about my inability to attend the conference.

So here is the thing. I rarely depend on anyone whether it is the organisation I work with or people around me to help me out as seeking favours is just not me - but this was personal, a big learning in disguise. Due to my sheer inability to sponsor myself to attend the DrupalEurope and deliver my session opened my eyes wide open.

I introspected, retrospected and concluded that I am doing my finances wrongly and I am not putting too much thoughts  (i am but still) in allocating the budget for activities which will lay different levels of impact on my life either personally or professionally.

So, here I am, having a budget allocated specifically for *unexpected activities* which will have profound impact on me either personally or professionally. A fixed percentage of 20% of my earnings will go directly into it.

Academia holds another 20% as I believe that in your 20s you should invest significant amount of money in educating yourself.

So yeah, as a reader - besides my rant, I urge you all readers to have this kind of budget for yourself as well.

That one thing can prevent situations like that.

Goof up by Google Adsense - Email from 21 Jul 2016 sent on August 7 2018

Nobody is truly perfect and this time, Google Adsense did a goofup. 
They have sent an email titled "Google AdSense: Check your recent payment" to their Adsense Publishers containing the information about the recent payment they have made to the publishers. 
Following is the content: 
Check your recent payment
We sent a payment for your Google AdSense earnings on 21 Jul 2016.
If you haven’t received your payment within 5 business days from the date of this email, please contact your bank for more details.
The email was received on August 7 2018. Possibly this is a false alarm and many of the publishers received the email.
Here is the screenshot. 
Did you receive the email as well?

Best accessories you must buy for your GoPro?

GoPro cameras are amazing!

They are best friends of every traveler cum photographers - human beings who are hybrid combination of both worlds - which means they have their set of unique requirements from the camera like the camera should be sturdy, strong ( enough to withstand sudden drops ), is water proof, records videos with lesser shakes, is light and small, supports time lapse ( travelers these days are in love with them ) and this list keeps on growing.

We love the quality of the pictures it takes. The video stabilization is excellent. User friendly. 4K video recording is the most awesome feature in this camera.

Some more benefits:
- Its like your palm size , can be fit into your pocket as well.
- Control it with one button situated at top (for taking pictures, recording videos) or by voice command as well ( Say - GoPro Turn Off like commands ).
- Perfect companion in tight and crowded places where you can use it easily and put back into pocket .
- Video capture , image capture , time lapse and other features like image burst all included with ease of use.
- in built mic and if you want to buy external mic like rode and all buy a extension ( usb c to Audio jack connector )
- it really helped us shooting Videos for Workouts , travelling, vlogging and all hassle free.
- easy to use , simple to understand and no such fancy settings like Dslr .

One recommendation - Always get the official GoPro accessories as the original accessories have such a great quality that you will be proud of your choice. Yes, there are cheaper options available and they may look equally good but you never know when your GoPro falls down from the accessory. Then the loss would be in multiples of the savings you did by purchasing accessories of inferior quality.

Once you are done with buying your GoPro Camera, you must buy following accessories to expand the possibilities with your GoPro:

1. GoPro AFHGM-002 The Handler (Black)

Ever seen the Vloggers recording videos while walking/ trekking - most likely they are using the Official GoPro Handler which is light and easily portable. Check more details by clicking here.

2. GoPro Super Suit AADIV-001 Dive Housing for HERO5 Black

Ever thought of going for Scuba Diving and recording the videos of Corals, fishes and whatever marine life you will discover in the deep sea? You definitely need a Dive Housing for that.

Click here to check details about it.

3. GoPro AGTSM-001 Pole Mount

This is a great accessory for the Bicycles and other vehicles where there is a pole like structure. This is highly rated accessory and great for bicycling enthusiasts.

Click here to check details about it.

4. SanDisk Extreme 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card

Memory Card is critically important

Since the video files and photographs clicked byGoPro are in high resolution, therefore the file size is massive as well. But since memory cards are usualyl having 20Mbps speed, you must buy Memory Card which has A1 sign on that and has Class 3 which are one of the fastest classes of Memory cards and which makes the process of recording videos using GoPro faster.

This is a must buy for every GoPro owner.

Click here to check details about it.